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“I’m sick of wasting money.”




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Business Owner

“Man, I had a terrible hiring experience.”

Relax. I got you covered.

There's actually a very systematic approach to writing crisp, compelling copy that generates results. And, I’m here to provide state-of-the-art copy that helps you:

  • attract the right customers
  • increase sales
  • create irresistible brands.
  • Hi! I'm Quazi Yousuf


    Seasoned Copywriter, Content Marketer, and content strategist obsessed about helping your business succeed.


    And it’s not just copy that I help you out with. We’ll go over your entire marketing  operations and I’ll help you  create a sales funnel that converts.

    So, if you are serious about wanting to say goodbye to money problems once and for all, then let's get rolling.


    Success is calling you.

    My Track Record


    I’ve worked with high profile life-coaches and SaaS companies, and niche site owners. 

    And I’ve successfully helped them grow their business with effective content marketing. And I’m here to do the same for you



    Compelling sales letters can perform wonders for your busi ness. Ready for more profits? Let's get started.

    The best sales letters connect directly with the souls of your ideal buyer. To zero in on that emotional zing, I follow a time-tested methodology that generates results. 

    When it comes to writing sales pages, I follow a mix of John Carlton and David Frey’s copywriting systems.


    Positioning yourself in the marketplace is crucial. And to do that effectively, you need to make sure that your web copy is on point.

    With compelling crisp web-copy, you can get ahead of your competition by leaps and bounds.

    Using SEO best practices and tantalizing copywriting, I’ll craft web copy that helps your business increase its profit margin. Remember, better copy makes for better UX experience and more conversions.


    Email marketing when done right can transform the entire outlook of your business.

    There’s a specific approach that you need to take to make emails work for you. Crappy emails might be the one thing that’s holding your business back from achieving greatness.

    But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With compelling subject lines and seductive email copy, I promise to improve your conversion rates. Let’s make it happen.

    What are the perks of working with me?

    I understand that you are worried. But, you can sleep peacefully because I know my stuff.

    And hey, when I take personal responsibility for your copy, I make sure that you never get mediocre copy. Only the best copy is what you deserve.

    I will serve as your content marketing strategist and help you stand out in the digital space.

    Being able to grow your business organically is sweet. But to do so effectively, you need to be well-versed with into account your whole story, coupled by a ruthless eye for detail.

    Butter-smooth copy can help you take your biz to the next tier.

    Not having to worry about cashflow is honestly one of the best feelings ever. And I want to make sure that you can feel that way.

    A few things I’ve done for past clients

    Helped a life coach build his business from the ground up
    Produced killer blog posts that ranked on Google
    Created high converting email sequences that generates results

    Please take this seriously.

    Sure, there are plenty of people out there who call themselves copywriters, and yet they don’t understand the first thing about copy. As a seasoned copywriting veteran,  I want you to know that don’t damage your business just because you didn’t know any better. The right marketing message can transform the entire outlook of your business. Choose wisely.

    Straight from the Client's Mouth:

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    Can’t wait to get started?