Learning From The Greats: Dissecting The Paid Wolf Of Advertising – (Billy Gene’s Facebook Ads + Funnels)

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I reckon most of you are familiar with the Wolf of Paid Advertising— Billy Gene.

And in today’s post, I will walk you through one of his funnels.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

As you can well imagine, the wolf of paid advertising true to his name drives traffic to his funnels using paid ads.

Mode Of Operation

Platforms where he’s running them: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network

Date Facebook Ads: This particular Facebook Ad creative starting running on the 1st of March.

Before discussing the specifics of Billy’s Ad copy for this Ad, I want you to understand a few things here.

People don’t like to be advertised. To be sold.

But they love entertainment of all sorts.

And Billy makes sure to never fail to sate you on your entertainment requirements.

A Peek Into The Engagement That This Facebook Ad Is Getting

Number of reacts: 4.4k (At the time of speaking)

Number of shares: 536 shares and counting

Number of comments: 319

And you know what’s the best part, his ad creatives are so well made that people can’t help but comment.

At a brief cursory glance, I could clearly see that he’s made quite a name for himself as the go-to Advertising guy.

Facebook Ad Copy For This Ad:

Comments on his Facebook Ad Copy

So, he uses benefit driven ad copy to lure people into his funnel. For many people he’s targeting, this might their first touchpoint with Billy.

Also, notice how very complaint his Facebook Ad copy is.

He isn’t promising any results outright. And that’s really important.

Ed Reay has this really great course on Facebook compliant copy and if you’re eager on knowing more, you can of course sign up for his email list.

Moving on, the next thing I want to point out is:

Look at the second line: “Just using a laptop, social media and his brain.”

This clearly suggests that his process is easy and there’re little to no barriers to entry.

And that really entices people to further explore what Billy’s got under his sleeve.

Immediately afterwards, there’s a CTA.

And a signature.

I for one love how he’s signing out with his name. That’s building his personal brand right there.

So, the next step.

The FB Video Asset

Right, off the bat, he’s challenging the status quo. And that’s powerful.

I would like to further add here that taking a contrarian angle definitely piques our curiosity.

He wants us to know that we’re doing it all wrong. In essence, he is strategically reframing our beliefs.

He then proceeds to assume the stance of a mentor.

And that’s something you really want to emulate.

In his narrative, he proceeds to present the problem.

After introducing the problem lead, he then goes on to agitate the problem…

He basically disqualifies all the other day-day business operations that any entrepreneur

does and further proceeds to dissect

Productivity being the driver that moves the needle forward in our favour.

Getting the yes

Basically, every time you get a yes from your prospect, you are getting micro-commitments from them.

And he hammers his point home.

By making the point that most entrepreneurs simply don’t have the know-how to make the most effective use of their time, he lights a fire under the person’s ass.

CTA with urgency

And he closes his Facebook video ad with a powerful CTA iterating the importance for change.

The Squeeze page or the Opt-in page

This is of course a funnel that the Wolf of Paid advertising is using himself.

So, it’s worth carefully studying his process.

How can we model his process…

First, let’s have a closer look at the headline.

If all I had was $X and [noun], these are the exact [Y] ways, I’d do this (How you are going to solve their problem)

And like any experienced marketer, Billy proceeds to capture the email address.

That way, he can get more people to sign up for his solution using strategic email marketing.

Next Steps

Next you are requested to fill in an opt-in form and after that you are taken to a funnel where you must first go through the video that he’s prepared for you, and see what solution he’s got.

I want you to take note of a few things here.

The Header Section

And then, he wants to prime his audience that he’s got the chops to change their lives.

Without the timer count going to zero, you will not be able to see his offer.

And that’s just how he’s operating.

The Bounce Rate on this page is > 50%.

But again, those people are probably not ideal customers for Billy anyway.

The next step in our dissection is to have a look at the messaging that he’s using.

Metrics That Matter

Number of visitors a day: 4,640 visitors per day (True according to traffic data tool)

Dissecting The Landing Page Video

As you can quite expect, I had the entire video transcribed and here’s how that turned out.

The Hook

Notice the messaging here.

He is clearly suggesting that he has your best interests in mind and he’s respectful of your time.

I would also like to point out the Big Idea here.

The basic crux of his ad is this:

With just your phone, 5 bucks of investment and social media, you can have a positive impact on your business health.

This is immediately followed by a big promise which starts an open loop in the video watcher’s mind.

Right off the bat, he talks about the bleeding neck that many entrepreneurs have.

I reckon most of you reading this are entrepreneurs yourselves and so you should know that running a business does definitely involve other nuances that you cannot afford to ignore, too.

Also, the underlying appeal here is that all the tedious tasks that previously took up your time as an entrepreneur no longer matter.

And, he then proceeds to futurepace the reader by letting them know how their lives are going to change once they start using his proven process.

So, in copy circles an effective formula at work is the Before-After-Bridge. And in this part, he has started covering the “Bridge” portion.

This is immediately followed by a case of price anchoring whereby he lets the reader know that while traditional forms of ads cost a lot of money, social media ads are very different.

He then proceeds to show that he really does have our best interest in mind. And then goes on to elaborate his SSS method.

And I want you to take note of “SSS method.”

Naming anything is a shortcut way to hack yourself into an expert position.

Also, take note of his rhetorics.

If you want to keep a viewer engaged, you want to use powerful rhetorics.

Blending In The Proof Elements

This is followed by some educational marketing.

And as you can probably guess by now, he’s mostly targeting people who possibly know little about Facebook Ads.

Awareness spectrum: Problem Aware/Solution Aware

Also, notice the hands-on demonstration that he gives. That also is a powerful to grab attention.

If you’re like me you will likely have seen shows like Britain’s Got Talent.

And, over there, too, the performers are all about keeping the audiences captivated with their performances.

Attention is a currency you cannot afford to ignore.

Then he talks us through the 5 step process that he uses for Facebook Ad targeting..

What I love about this is, how he’s leading with value. And actually making sure that the viewer walks away with something beneficial regardless of whether they buy or not.

This is also something I have heard from another marketing genius actually.

It’s like many coaches are afraid of giving away their best stuff outright. But experience has led them to see that things are actually better for business when you give away your best stuff for free, or in the form of tripwire.

Explaining his process and further leading with value

In the next phase about how Facebook allows for the finest Ad retargeting you could ever ask for.

In subsequent dialogues, he proceeds to showcase his expertise as a media buyer by showing the various kinds of targeting that’s possible with Facebook Ads.

This is followed by a part where he presents his offer. And after that we transition to the Offer portion.

The Close

Closing by letting people know that his process works.

And notice how he uses his energy to call for a wake-up call.

Final thoughts on his video sales letter

Unique mechanism is the part that’s missing from the video sales letter.

Like, from my understanding as a marketer, I would say that he’s trying to use his expertise as the vehicle that makes people want to move forward with his mentorship.

But, he could have done this better, if he used something like…

Why is a mentor even necessary?

Sure, it’s important to walk your prospect through the ropes.

Like, if he’s targeting a more educated audience as well, then he would probably want to mention something around the lines of:

“Facebook pixel is a technical thing. And there’s a caveat to training your FB pixel. But don’t worry, my man. I got you.

Using my SSS method and my X years as a media buyer, you are going to learn everything you need to know about Facebook Ads.

They don’t call me the Wolf of Paid Ads for nothing.”

But again, it is most likely that he’s targeting entreprenuers who are more in the dark with regards to social media ads.

Microscopic Look At The Landing Page Copy Once The Video Ends

In the first para, he uses a list of fascinations that lets the readers know exactly what they are going to get once they choose to move forward with his offer and get the monthly membership.

Bullets: He then uses bullets to showcase his expertise and further make people want to learn from him.

Breaking Down His Offer

If you made it through his entire video, you will likely to get to see how he has structured his offer.

For starters, he includes a discount to his monthly membership.

There are bonuses offered as well.

And as you can guess, an opt-in form as well.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

There’s also a 30-day money return policy in place that makes this a crackerjack offer.

Social Proof Pills

He also offers strong social proof by letting people see how other people are rating his mentorship programs.

Our favorite Wolf Of Advertising also strategically offers an OTO to improve his Average-Order-Value.


Before bringing this to a wrap, here’s what I would like to point out.

Look at the structure of his funnel.

Traffic Optin page Landing Page

And other than that, there’s also possibly an upsell sequence once you move forward with the purchase.

Not to mention, Billy further is taking the time to close people through strategic email sequences.

Billy and his team use a sequence of 5 emails to get you on-board with the offer that they are selling.

Anyways, this is the Quazi “Funnel Hacker” breaking down a high performing funnel used by the paid Wolf Of Paid Advertising himself.

Billy Gene Is Marketing.

Pow. Pow. Pow.

And hey if you would like to personally work with me and make some big money with your funnel, then feel free to book a call here.

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